The do’s and don’ts of exercising when pregnant

The do’s and don’ts of exercising when pregnant

A fit and active pregnancy is good for you and your baby but your regular workout will need a few tweaks.

Obstetrician Dr Vicki Woodward says getting overheated can be harmful to you and your growing baby.

“Try to avoid things that will make you very, very hot,” Dr Woodward says.

“That encompasses a whole range of things, like not exercising flat chat on a really hot day and it’s probably best to avoid really hot yoga rooms.”

She also believes extreme levels of exercise should be avoided.

“I’m talking about women who are ultra-marathon trainers -  we don’t say they can’t run but we get them to back off on the number of hours they do a week because they do an exceptional amount,” she says.

For those who prefer lifting weights than pounding the pavement, Dr Woodward says it’s ok to keep training but the right technique is vital.

“Turn the focus towards pelvic floor strength and technique, so drop your weights down and just lift light weights, or lift a bar without weights and work on your technique,” Dr Woodward says.

In terms of what you can do during pregnancy, Dr Woodward says all cardio is good.

“Bike riding is great, particularly on a stationary bike - I always remind women your centre of gravity will change if you’re on a road bike so just be aware of that.

“Swimming is excellent, as is running and walking.”

Dr Vicki Woodward is a Melbourne Obstetrician, keen runner and mother of three.

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